45x65 Home Design Ground Floor + First Floor Front 4 Shop blog

Ground Floor:
  • Shops (4):

    • Positioned at the front for easy access and visibility.
    • Each shop could have a separate entrance and display windows.
    • Average shop size: 10x15 feet.
  • Residential Area:

    • Entrance foyer with staircase access to the first floor.
    • Living room: Approximately 20x15 feet.
    • Kitchen and dining area: 15x15 feet.
    • Guest bedroom with attached bathroom: 12x12 feet.
    • Utility room.

First Floor:

  • Residential Area:
    • Master bedroom with attached bathroom and walk-in closet: 20x15 feet.
    • Two additional bedrooms: 15x12 feet each.
    • Shared family lounge or study area: 15x10 feet.
    • Common bathroom.
    • Accessible from the family lounge, providing outdoor space.

Front Elevation:

  • Shops:

    • Facade designed to attract customers with large display windows and signage.
    • Canopies or awnings to provide shelter and enhance aesthetics.
    • Residential Area:

      • Balconies or verandas with decorative railings.
      • Harmonious design elements to blend the commercial and residential aspects.
    • Blog:

      Accompanying the design, a blog could cover various aspects such as:

      • Design Challenges: Balancing commercial needs with residential comfort.
      • Functional Layout: Optimizing space for both purposes without compromising on usability.
      • Aesthetics: Integrating architectural elements to maintain coherence.
      • Cost Considerations: Budgeting for commercial setups alongside residential construction.
      • Regulatory Compliance: Addressing zoning laws and building codes governing mixed-use properties.
      • Interior Design Ideas: How to furnish and decorate such a space for both commercial and residential purposes.
      • Case Studies: Examples of successful mixed-use developments for inspiration.


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