Ground Floor


Front Shop Area (approx. 30x18)

  • Main entrance facing the street.
  • Large open space for the shop with display areas.
  • Counter for transactions.

Back Store Area (approx. 30x18)

  • Storage shelves and racks.
  • Small office space for management.
  • Access to a staircase for upper floors.

First Floor

Kitchen (approx. 12x18)

  • Modern kitchen with counters and cabinets.
  • Space for a dining table.
  • Balcony or window for ventilation.

Bedroom 1 (approx. 18x18)

  • Spacious room with a large bed.
  • Wardrobe and storage space.
  • Attached balcony or window.

Kitchen (Approx. 12x18)

  • Counter Space: Ample countertops for cooking.
  • Cabinets: Plenty of storage for kitchenware.
  • Dining Area: Space for a dining table and chairs.
  • Ventilation: Window or exhaust fan for air circulation.
Second Floor

Bedroom 2 (approx. 18x18)

  • Similar layout to Bedroom 1 on the first floor.
  • Includes a large bed, wardrobe, and balcony/window.

Bedroom 3 (approx. 18x18)

  • Another spacious bedroom with similar amenities.
  • Can be used as a guest room or additional family bedroom.
  • Bathroom 2 (approx. 6x12)

    • Similar to Bathroom 1, providing convenience for the second floor.
  • Blog/Study Room (approx. 12x18)

  • Space for a desk, bookshelves, and a comfortable chair.
  • Quiet area for writing or working from home.
  • Blog/Study Room (Approx. 12x18)

    • Space for a desk, bookshelves, and a chair.
    • Quiet area for work or study.
    Staircase and Utility
    • Centrally located staircase for easy access.
    • Ensure good lighting and ventilation throughout.
    • Utilize space efficiently with built-in storage solutions.
  • Shower: Walk-in shower or bathtub.
  • Toilet and Sink: Standard fixtures.
  • Storage: Shelves or cabinets for toiletries.
  • Bedroom 2 (Approx. 18x18)

    • Bed: Large bed with nightstands.
    • Wardrobe: Built-in closet.
    • Balcony/Window: For natural light and air.
  • Living Room (Optional)

    • Seating: Sofa and chairs for family gatherings.
    • Entertainment: Space for TV and media center.
    • Lighting: Large windows for natural light.
  • Bedroom 1 (Approx. 18x18)

    • Bed: Large bed with bedside tables.
    • Wardrobe: Built-in closet for clothes and storage.

    Bathroom 1 (Approx. 6x12)

    • Shower: Walk-in shower or bathtub.
    • Toilet and Sink: Standard fixtures.
    • Storage: Shelves or cabinets for toiletries.

    Laundry Area (Optional)

    • Washer and Dryer: Space for laundry appliances.
    • Storage: Shelves for detergents and laundry supplies.

    Blog/Study Room (Approx. 12x18)

    • Desk: Spacious desk for work.
    • Bookshelves: Shelving for books and materials.
    • Seating: Comfortable chair and possibly a small sofa


    • Durability: Choose durable and easy-to-clean flooring for all areas.
    • Aesthetics: Consistent design to enhance the visual appeal.

    Designing an 18x60 size home spanning three stories involves thoughtful planning to ensure functionality and comfort. The ground floor serves as a commercial space, featuring a front shop area and a back store. The front shop area, approximately 30x18 in size, boasts a welcoming entrance, ample display space for products, and a checkout counter. Adjacent to it, the back store area provides storage shelves, an office space for administrative tasks, and facilities for loading and unloading inventory.

    Moving up to the first floor, you encounter the heart of the home. The kitchen, approximately 12x18, is equipped with modern amenities, abundant counter space, and a dining area. This floor also hosts Bedroom 1, a spacious retreat with a large bed, wardrobe, and an attached balcony or window for natural light. An adjacent bathroom completes the floor, offering convenience and privacy.

    The second floor is dedicated to rest and relaxation. It comprises Bedroom 2 and Bedroom 3, both generously sized and featuring balconies or windows. A second bathroom serves these bedrooms, while a designated blog/study room provides a quiet space for work or leisure activities.

    This layout optimizes space utilization and ensures a seamless transition between commercial and residential areas, catering to both professional and personal needs within the confines of an 18x60 footprint. 

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